MASTERS OF A GENERATION was founded by Jonathan Segal FAIA to educate and raise awareness about the varying processes and approaches to creating works of architecture, and to advance the appreciation of multi-generational information exchange.

In welcoming these Masters who have made lasting contributions to our culture, society and built environment, we recognize and pay tribute to their ongoing legacies as we learn more about their defining moments and the paths leading up to them. We do so in hopes that this invaluable information is carried on through future generations and provides the means necessary to negotiate the inevitable challenges and failures and feasible successes encountered on the road to becoming a Master.

MASTERS OF A GENERATION is a program of Adjoin, Inc. a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (application pending). 100% of net proceeds from this program will benefit Labrador relief and rescue organizations throughout San Diego County and Baja, California.



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                                   Jonathan Segal, FAIA


San Diego based Jonathan Segal FAIA & Development Company is a responsible for the design and development of over 300,000 square feet of medium-to-high density urban residential, mixed-use and live/work units. Jonathan has been the recipient of numerous accolades, including 24 local, state and national AIA awards for residential and Urban Design. He is Co-Chair of the MArch|Real Estate Development at Woodbury School of Architecture, and has a well-known penchant for fast classic cars. Now he brings the international insights of close friends and fellow AIA Fellows to San Diego with MASTERS OF A GENERATION as part of his new nonprofit, Adjoin. 100% of net proceeds from MASTERS will support various organizations for the relief and rescue of abused and neglected canines throughout San Diego and Baja, California, a cause that Jonathan and his family - wife Wendy, daughter Brittany, and son Matthew, are passionately committed to.




LORCAN O'HERLIHY, FAIA - September 30, 2016
TOM KUNDIG, FAIA - October 14, 2016
DAVID JAMESON, FAIA - November 11, 2016
ANNE FOUGERON, FAIA - November 18, 2016
ROBERT M. GURNEY, FAIA - December 2, 2016
RICK JOY, FAIA -January 13, 2017
DAVID BAKER, FAIA - January 20, 2017
WENDELL BURNETTE, FAIA - February 10, 2017
MARLON BLACKWELL, FAIA - February 24, 2017
VICTOR F. "TREY" TRAHAN, FAIA - March 17, 2017
LAWRENCE SCARPA, FAIA - March 31, 2017
STEVEN DUMEZ, FAIA - April 14, 2107
JOEB MOORE, FAIA - November 9, 2017